BTF is a Bali based agricultural management company. BTF’s main activity is the planting and management, on its own account and for third parties, of bio dynamic micro-teak plantations in Bali.

BTF specializes in planting and management of “micro plantations”, from a minimum of 5 balinese/are (500 square meters), up to 100 hectares (1 balinese hectar is 10,000 square meters; 100 hectars is 1 million square meters). This allows BTF to identify and secure for its plantations only the best land sites, located within those special local Balinese micro climates and micro environments which BTF deems most suitable for organic biodynamic teak farming.

BTF is active as plantation manager and joint venture partner for landowners throughout Bali and Indonesia. Ideal micro climates and micro environments may be identified and secured throughout the island of Bali, Indonesia and in other countries as well (for example, BTF has assisted in the preparation of a feasibility study and business plan for teak farming in Fiji).

In addition, BTF's medium term plans include blending teak farming with eco-tourism using the agri-tourism business model, developing common facilities, shared villas and private villas on its plantations, to allow tree owners, their guest and the general public, the possibility of vacation stays at the plantations.

BTF promotes environmentally and culture conscious tourist development of Balinese rural areas, allowing the local Balinese communities the opportunity to continue living in traditional Balinese heritage lifestyle, providing much needed employment opportunities, as well as increase of local health and education standards.

BTF Jelantik teak farms Lot # J3 BTF Jelantik teak farms Lot # J3
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